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my current fandoms: harry potter, doctor who, the beatles, monty python, les miserables
my first doctor: tenth
my favorite doctors: second, fourth, fifth, tenth
my favorite companion: jamie mccrimmon, sarah jane smith, romana, donna noble
my favorite beatle: george harrison
my favorite python: eric idle


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"All my ex-girlfriends are Asian."

If you’ve ever come across this charming come-on, you’ve probably been exposed to yellow fever

For her full rant watch the video here.

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writing and lazing in terry jones’s back garden
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Yoko was about to go into the studio with John – this was commonplace by now – and he actually told her, ‘No, not now. Let me just do this. It’ll just take a minute.’ That surprised me a bit. Maybe he felt like he was returning to his roots with the boys – who knows?

The order was Paul first, then George, then John, and they went back and forth. They ran down their ideas a few times and before you knew it, they were ready to go. Their amps were lined up together and we recorded their parts on one track.

You could really see the joy in their faces as they played; it was like they were teenagers again. One take was all we needed. The musical telepathy between them was mind-boggling.


Geoff Emerick on the recording of the guitar solos on “The End.”

(via Beatles Bible, and Music Radar)

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Aww just found this article from here with this lovely pic of William Russell at his home with a bunch of kids and a home-made Dalek. 

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Paul at a party in Denver honoring Jane Asher’s birthday on April 6, 1967.

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On this date in 1965, July 24th, Ringo Starr purchases his home, Sunny Heights located at St George’s Hill Estate, Weybridge, Surrey. Ringo would live there with Mo and the kids for around 4 years when the estate went up for sale again. Photo Source & Sunny Heights information : Kenwood Lennon Blogspot

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Crazy Ideas That Just Need to Happen Already [via]

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